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How To Treat Eye Herpes In Cats

Some choices of antibiotics in the eyes include erythromycin, Terramycin, tobramycin, or ofloxacin. While antibiotics may help shorten the length of time your kitty is feeling ill, they will not treat the virus itself. A very common antiviral medication taken by mouth in cats to kill herpesvirus is called famciclovir. Compresses. Compresses of warm / hot water can also be placed on your cat's eyes a few minutes at a time, a few times a day, to dilate the tear ducts and facilitate the flow of eye secretions.

This will certainly improve the cat’s comfort. Homeopathic natural product. Treatment of Feline Herpes Virus. After a proper diagnosis that involves blood tests and laboratory analysis, cats suffering from FHV-1 are treated with antibiotics and antiviral medicines. Antibiotics are effective to kill all bacterial infection present in the upper respiratory tract.

How To Treat Eye Herpes In Cats - Discount Place

How To Treat Eye Herpes In Cats - Discount Place

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